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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Jet lag, etc.

So I am way behind on my blogging but I want this to double for a journal someday so I will be posting as much as I can just slow and a little at a time. Anyway this is what the boys looked like dealing with the jet lag. We were trying to go somewhere safe (something Hayden would eat) for dinner like McDonalds but Ashton crashed out before we could get there but we kept going. At least it was Ashton and not Hayden. Hayden has put on a lot of weight these past couple of months. We have bought him some clothes lately that he has grown out of in less than a month. We no longer carry him to bed if he falls a sleep we wake him up and make him walk. Our little boys are all growing up.
Things that are different here in Singapore:
*There is a switch to turn on almost everything, electrical outlets, your stove, hot water (you have to turn on the "water switch" about 10 minutes before you want to take a shower) and press the switches down instead of up to turn things on. I think it is to conserve the electrity.
*Thousand Island is the standard salad dressing here if you get a salad sometimes they will have a oil and vinegar type of dressing. One place had a mustard dressing but it was just a really seedy mustard not really a dressing, just a slab of mustard.
*There are drains about 3-4 inches in diameter in the floors anywhere there is running water and you here the water going down the drain no matter where it comes from in that room. For example you flush the toilet and you can here the water going down the drain, the sink and the shower water going down the drain also so it is just weird hearing it.
*They also have little drops or steps about 2 inches into bathrooms and kitchens so when we were looking at housing (back in march) I would always stumble into the rooms.
*They drive on the left side of the road here and their parking spots are tiny, this is why I am petrified to drive. The motorcycles dodge in and out of trafic and drive in between the lanes of cars at full speed it is trully scary.
*If you get in a accident and hit someone from behind it is automatically your fault. If it is a side to side collision then it is a shared fault.
*It will all of a sudden sprikle or dump rain and then be full sun just as suddenly so you always should always carry an umbrella.
*You can usually tell were people are from by the way they dress. For example American guys are usually the only ones to wear baseball caps. American tourist also tend to where tennis shoes with socks where Australians usually wear taterred flip flops.
Funny things that have happened:
*Four days in, Hayden came out of the bathroom and announced that he figured out how to flush the toilet. There is a silver button on top of the tank that you push. I beleive there are toilets in the US like that but I guess Hayden hadn't seen them before. I just figured someone was being lazy and not flushing.
*One night Ashton, Tyson and I went for a walk to get something from the store. We hadn't gotten to far when Ashton stated that he was tired of walking. I came back with, "That is what people do here in Singapore". We are downtown so there are a lot of cars and taxi's. He looks around says, "but they have cars", like I was lying to him.
Where's our stuff?
Our Blue container started its jurney about the 27th of June and we still don't have our stuff. Our last update was it was supposed to get here tomorrow so we have been living in temporary housing. We got the latest update that it MAY be here next week. We have had to make the decision to start camping out at the house for financial reasons (the company only pays for so much and we have capped out). The logistics of things have been pretty crazy trying to get everyone where they need to be. Hayden has to be up north where his school is by 8:00 and Ashton has to be at his school which is more west at 9:00 and then Tyson has to get to work. Then both boys get out at 3:00. Today Tammy (Tyson's Sister, since some have asked, we do not have a maid but Tammy has been more helpful than any maid could be plus she speaks really good english) and I had to take seperate taxis to pick the boys because today was the first day they both were in school. Once we get into the house Hayden will walk to and from school and Ashton will catch a bus infront of our house. So we have bought floor futons and a couple of chairs and will see what we can borrow form other people who have been insimilar situations and totally understand where we are coming from. Isn't it crazy that this is normal life around here. There is someone that we go to church with and there stuff got sent to Isreal instead of Singapore. So then it took twice as long to get there stuff. They were camping out in their house for months. Say a little prayer for the blue container that is out there somewhere that it will find our home. At least the boys are in school!!!


Blogger Gina said...

So great to hear the update! I hope your stuff comes soon! I'm so glad tammy is there to help. I know she won't be there much longer, so enjoy her, and then WE get her for awhile! (JaNae and I are going to fight over her!)
So great that the boys are in school! That has got to be a relief to try to keep them entertained all day. I am so bad but sometimes I wish Jackson could start school already! He is just so hard to keep entertained and happy. Okay, this was a super long comment!! We miss you guys. Do you have a phone number or address yet?

August 15, 2008 at 6:32 AM  
Blogger Steph said...

I still can not believe you live in Singapore. This is my new favorite blog! Oh and every time they talk about the US Swimming camp in Singapore that was before the Olympics I am like, "What? Oh yea Singapore, my cousin lives there... no big deal."

August 15, 2008 at 6:39 AM  
Blogger Stephanie said...

I LOVE the update. Keep it coming. I love to hear all of the normalcies that they have over there that are so different from here. I think it's great to have switches for everything. Takes care of the wasted "phantom" electricity. Go Singapore! I'm praying for "blue".

August 15, 2008 at 11:07 PM  

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