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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Tape and boxes

This was our temporary set up in the house. The crate that will transport our stuff all the way to Singapore. Ashton thinking about going with our stuff in the crate, we thought that would be a lot easier on us. Finally a picture of Ashton and his LONG worm that doesn't seem as long as it did in person.
Here is Ashton and all the fun he had with the boxes, including his speed ramp/tube used for his small toys that dad helped he set up.

We had Ashton in scool most of the days the packers were at the house but on friday he was there all day. Bikes, skateboards, balls and pretty much all of our toys were already packed. It was raining in the morning so some poor worm lost him life to the cause of entertaining Ashton. It was a pretty long worm, all stretched out it was probaqbly almost a foot. Ashton kept wanting a container for it, but those were all packed to. Luckily he had an fruit loop box from the breakfast at the hotel. He finally got the idea that everything was packed (they were just loading the crate friday) so we started making forts and other things with boxes and tape. He got the hang of ripping the packing tape with his teeth and everything.

I haven't left Hayden out he isn't here. He has been with Tyson's mom in Houston. Joyce flew out Fathers Day and stayed a whole week then flew out Monday with Hayden. We hadn't planned on any family coming out for the baby/move but do to a few things, plans changed and we got much needed help. First my sister was able to come out for a week and was able to be at the birth and help a ton with boys and showing the house (we had 3 showings the day we got out of the hospital, one which has turned into a contract on the house). We had a week on our own and then Joyce came out which was also a tremendous help. Several times Tyson and I had the conversation trying to figure out how we could have ever thought we could have done this all without help. We are nuts!!! To top it all off we have Tammy (Tyson's sister) flying out with us to Singapore and she will be staying with us for a few weeks. Can I say AWSOME!!!! There have also been many local friends that have helped out a ton. I hope I have thanked you in person if you have helped me out but just in case, Thank You!! I feel I have dropped the ball on several things so if this has effected you I apologize. Thanks for your patience and friendships.


Blogger Stephanie said...

Your life is changing so much right now. I hope you know how much I love you. I hope you'll keep up with your blog and still email. You mean so much to me. Good luck on the huge move and taking care of your cute fam. I love you.

July 7, 2008 at 10:11 PM  

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